The Empowerment Centre of Nomads and Tribes

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Years of Service

Vision Statement

"To Educate and Empower Tribal Nomads to
Ensure Human Rights"

Tent society is an exclusive organization working for the community development of the Nomadic Tribes in Tamil Nadu for the past 20 years. Besides the proliferation of Non-Governmental organizations like mushroom in Tamil Nadu, there was no one to care for the development of the Nomadic Tribes. Having learnt about the hapless condition of these nomads, a youth hailing from a Nomadic Tribal community namely Rajangam founded TENT Society to work exclusively for the development of his own community. Over the period of years he moved himself to teaching profession and to encourage women leadership he appointed his wife Mrs.R.Maheswari as the secretary of the society and continues to support the activities with the same enthusiasm.

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Our Organisation

TENT's adventure started on the human rights day, on 10n December, 2009 at Madurai with the proclamation of " Rights of nomads is Human rights". Even after 50 years of Independence, nobody come forward to fight for the rights of nomads, but TENT organized agitation movement for the race of the promoters, which became a memorable event, thereby TENT could establish a federation as Movement for Nomads of Tamilnadu... Read More

Structural Analysis

God created human beings, not several communities, disparity of rich and poor. But the humans became selfish and adamant in ownership claims by settling to live luxuriously which led to creation of community which ruins us now. But a few could not think of the positions and possessions which tended them to roam freely for survival.Nomads were forced to live a wandering life, have no authentic place of origin, fixed occupational region or even a permanent settling place.

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Goals of the Organization

  • To promote education among tribal nomadic children
  • To protect the human rights of all tribal and nomadic community
  • To develop socio-economic condition.
  • To federate the nomads and tribes into a peoples movement at the state level and networking worldwide.
  • To help them to obtain community benefits, sanctioned by the government Welfare schemes.
  • To improve their capacity for ensuring sustainable community development.
  • To protect and develop the indigenous culture of the tribes and nomads.

20 years Of Service

Community Ceritificates Issued


Community Benifits Received


Goverment Jobs


Primary Education


Secondary Education


Higher Studies


Trainings Conducted


Target Communitites

Our Coverage Area

  • Madurai
  • Sivagangai
  • Dindugal
  • Virudhunagar
  • Ramanathapuram
  • Thoothukudi
  • Tirunelveli
  • Trichy
  • Thanjavur
  • Theni
  • Kanyakumari

Nomadic Tribes

  • Kudukudupakaran
  • Boom-Boom Madu
  • Leather Puppet Shows
  • Parrot - Astrologers
  • Lambadis
  • Kal Ottar
  • Whip Beater
  • Kuruvikarar (bird catchers)
  • Wig Makers
  • Shepherds
  • Day Makers
  • Snake Charmer
  • Street Cirucus

Scheduled Tribes

  • Adiyan
  • Irular
  • Kanikaran
  • Kaniyan
  • Kattunayakan
  • Kurumans
  • Malakuruvan
  • Paliyar
  • Narikurravar
  • Malai Pandaram

Our Demands of Nomads

  • An independent and separate committee should be formed in state government level.
  • Un-necessary Police interference on nomads should be stopped.
  • Five percentage reservation of seats in education for nomad students.
  • Issue of identity card as Nomadic Tribe with relevant approval.
  • Conduct exact and flawless scientific survey of Nomadic tribes.
  • bolition of Atrocity and cruelty on Sc/ST Communities Act should be made applicable to Nomads also.
  • Government should give protection to safeguard the traditional custom, culture and arts of the nomads.
  • Issue of Mobile Voter ID Cards to cast their votes when they shift their tents.
  • Issue of Mobile Ration cards to facilitate to avail PDS goods.
  • Providing Mobile school facilities.
  • Seat reservation in Assembly/Parliament elections.
  • Issue of ID cards to all categories of Nomads immediately.

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