Welcome to Tent Society

Vision Statement

"To Educate and Empower Tribal Nomads to
Ensure Human Rights"

Tent society is an exclusive organization working for the community development of the Nomadic Tribes in Tamil Nadu for the past 20 years. Besides the proliferation of Non-Governmental organizations like mushroom in Tamil Nadu, there was no one to care for the development of the Nomadic Tribes. Having learnt about the hapless condition of these nomads, a youth hailing from a Nomadic Tribal community namely Rajangam founded TENT Society to work exclusively for the development of his own community. Over the period of years he moved himself to teaching profession and to encourage women leadership he appointed his wife Mrs.R.Maheswari as the secretary of the society and continues to support the activities with the same enthusiasm. Mrs.R.Maheswari the secretary of the society, hailing from the same Nomadic community has conducted many rallies, processions and trainings for the development of these forgotten and neglected communities. Through the dedicated and committed leadership, TENT has been working for the education of the Tribal Nomadic children, providing non-formal education and awareness training to the women. As a result of her hard work she has identified various community leaders and various professional problems, livelihood problems of the Nomads and Tribes across Tamil Nadu.


Years of Service