Education Status

The literates are very rare among the nomads tribe and there is no separate committee to enrich the educational standard of this community in Tamilandu. Government is taking maximum efforts to bring Tamilnadu fully literate state as of Kerala. Further preference is given those who complete higher studies in Tamil. But these downtrodden nomads find no place to go and bang to get admission for their children. Since they are wandering from one place to another their education status remain undeveloped. In spite of having many Samthuvapurams to shelter homeless people, these people don’t have awareness to reach the government for availing their rights. As per our census, 15 million nomads are in India including Nomadic and semi-nomadic sub groups, which is around 7% of the total population of India. These people too have voting power and they have cast their votes to make an ordinary man to a Chief minister or Prime Minister. But none has visited these people to listen their grievances yet.

Educational Plans :

SSA, RMSA no plans could reach the nomads yet. Due to lack of awareness on need and importance of education among nomads, they could not find a way to put their children to school.