The ‘Family Project’ is progressively going on as we scheduled with the same strength of children in their own premises of the foster-parents. In rare cases one or two care taking parents may leave to some villages during the local temple/church festivals to earn on their traditional professions. In that circumstances, the children under their care will be taken care by the nearby foster-parents where our few children are been cared. No sooner they come back; the regular system will be followed.

Seeing the lifestyle, care taking and discipline of the children under our ‘Family Project’ many parents are willing and compelling us to enroll their children also as they too go around for their survival ands they children will be left to someone’ care till their return.

We are planning to have a small shrine of St.Antony (of Padua) in the campus of the newly erected shed where our children are gathered for their coaching class, tuition and other educational entertainments. Till now, we convene special Novena and prayers of St.Antony on every Tuesday evening when all the children and their parents will be present besides the nearby people to avail His favours.

At the outset many of the children under our ‘Family Project’ could receive  First Holy Communion, Confirmation and even baptism in the near by Church with the cordial spiritual support of Rev.Sr.Fathima of Holy Cross Congregation, Paravai., who conduct regular Catechism and Value Education classes for out children.

Our children are educationally supported by the educated youth of Nomads, especially a Physically handicapped Nomad girl who did his Degree course and B.Ed courses. Health visitors are regularly invited for the medical check-up of these children at Primary level and also supported by the nearby Government Hospital. Value education and Moral classes are the routine sessions during Saturdays for our children. Majority of the children attend the Holy Mass on Sundays and others go once in week as they feel free from their studies.

Special get-together is conducted having special guests and voluntary activists from different sectors to initiate curiosity to know the need of importance of life skills and discipline in life besides the manners & etiquettes to deal with elders and create awareness of health factors.

A few snap-shots are attached herewith which depict the visual information which will evidently illustrate about the thriving programmes in our Family Project.

Abstract of Project execution “ Family Project”  period ending December 2014 in Sathiamoorthy Nagar.

As in last year 2013, 80 children were accommodated under this project with the following facilities and care in this year also.  We could avail the facilities to gather them in a newly built shed with comfort and care for their studies and doing their school home works with the help of tutors.

Morning prayer, evening special tuition, late evening prayer, sports & games on holidays and vacations besides some cultural and spiritual activities such as Catechism, Spiritual retreats, Visits of Fathers from nearby churches and sisters from the convents.

This year, our 80 children with their tuition trainers and volunteers celebrated Christmas at Holy Cross Social Service Centre, nearby our village which is run by The Congregation of Holy Cross society after attending the midnight mass along with their caretakers at the nearby Parish Church.

A special vacation was organized from October 1 to 5, 2014 for 80 children of our Family Project on educational awareness and development of socio-cultural aptitude in common with the support of local resource persons in presence of the   eight   caretaking family members of the 80 children.

They were left free to make twinkling stars, cribs, decorations in the convent premises and attended the regular and special Holy Masses and Legion of Mary prayers.

A small shrine is inducted for St.Antony  in the study area to pray before and after their evening studies.

the new Year 2015 was celebrated in the different manner gathering of the 8 families who look and care the 80 children and special prayers, cultural program, One act Play from the Gospel, Bible Quiz, tableau  were conducted with a common lunch meet.

While thanking for the financial support rendered by you in the last year-2014, we submit the consolidated budget for the year 2015, details of which can be discussed in person in near future.