TENT Society is an exclusive organization working for the  community development of the Nomadic Tribes in Tamil Nadu  for the past 15 years.

 Besides the proliferation of Non-Governmental organizations  like mushroom in Tamil Nadu, there was no one to care for  the  development of the Nomadic Tribes. Having learnt about  the  hapless condition of these nomads, a youth hailing from a  Nomadic Tribal community namely Rajangam founded TENT  Society to work exclusively for the development of his own  community.readmore





Target Communities

  • Kudukudupakaran (Kattunayakars)
  • Whipping people ( sholaga)
  • Boom-Boom Madu (Adhiyan)
  • Snake charmers
  • Leather Puppet Shows
  • Parrot - Astrologers
  • Narikuravar
  • Lumbadis
  • Kal Ottar
  • Kuravar (Malaikuravar)
  • Kuruvikarar (bird catchers)
  • Indigenons medical practioners
  • Shepherds
  • Street Magic Makers (Kalaikoothadi)
  • Jagamma Pandaram
  • Basket Makers